Search Process

A Successful Search is characterized by:

  • The effectiveness and speed with which it is completed.

A Successful Recruiting Firm is characterized by:

  • The degree to which the firm knows an industry and by its commitment to devote the time, energy, and resources necessary to complete an assignment.

At Brooke Chase Associates, Inc., all areas are represented by a professional recruiter with a thorough knowledge of that discipline, including functional requirements, personnel, organizational styles, and compensation.

Our search process has been refined by over three decades of experience recruiting some of the most qualified individuals in the Industry. Lean and efficient, our process gets things done while never compromising quality:

  1. Start with a signed search agreement, outlining the functions of the role.
  2. Create a search profile tailored to the position and company culture.
  3. Research and recruit a pool of qualified individuals.
  4. Test and interview the most qualified candidates.
  5. Schedule candidate interviews with the client to finalize the decision.
  6. Run background checks to ensure safety and security.
  7. Extend an offer drafted by the client to the final candidate with consolation from Brooke Chase Associates.
  8. Schedule a start date for the candidates.
  9. Follow up with both the client and candidate, ensuring a seamless transition.

There are three kinds of companies today:

  1. Those who watch it happen
  2. Those who wonder what happened
  3. Those who make it happen

Brooke Chase Associates, Inc. MAKES IT HAPPEN!