Executive Search and Your Career

Executive Search And Your CareerWhat is executive search?

Why do employers work with executive recruiters?

How do executive recruiters and search firms locate candidates?

As executives progress in their careers, most will encounter a retained executive search firm. Understanding what executive search firms do and how they do it is essential to your own executive job search and career development. Like many professions, the executive recruitment industry has developed its own specializations and distinctions.

The process of retained executive search – contacting and introducing executives to senior-level career opportunities – is a sensitive one and must be performed within a careful set or protocol. The retainer provides an umbrella of professionalism, credibility and recognized practice, implying partnership between the search firm and the hiring organization. The search firm brings industry-specific expertise and unique insight on the client’s leadership needs. It involves thorough research, confidential market networking, detailed screening and selection and careful negotiation in order to achieve a successful outcome.

As a candidate, this means that your career information will be held in the strictest confidence by the search firm, and only disclosed to a client organization with your permission. When interested in a position, you will be treated as a candidate, not as an applicant, and considerable time and effort will be expended by the executive recruiter in evaluating you, your career history, and experience. You should treat the executive recruiter as a trusted intermediary. When responding to a potential career opportunity, you should always ask whether the search firm is retained by the client. You should expect in-depth knowledge about the client from the search firms researchers and recruiters.

Since the positions handled by retained executive search firms are not usually advertised on job boards, executives should ensure they are on the radar of search firms in order to be considered for career-advancing opportunities, should a suitable executive position arise. Make sure you are on our radar by submitting your profile today. Your information will always be maintained in the strictest of confidence and will never be disclosed to any third parties without your express consent.

As the premier retained executive search firm in the building materials industry, Brooke Chase Associates, Inc. specializes in the identification, recruitment and placement of the industry professionals within the following functional specializations:

  • C-Level Management
  • Financial Management
  • Manufacturing and Operations
  • Sales and Marketing